Organic Coconuts


After visiting plantations in various tropical countries, we found what we were looking for in Thailand. Our products convinced us in their quality and since then we have travelled several times to our manufacturer on the plantations and to the factory in Thailand. During these trips we got to know the farmers and processors (family business) and the individual steps of the production of our coconut products. We were thus able to ensure that the organic standards and hygiene regulations (Swiss standard) were adhered to and to guarantee the high quality of our products. After two years of preparation, search and test to guarantee you organic coconut products of the best quality, we now have these excellent products on offer. We have applied the coconut products, especially coconut oil, to the whole body, both internally and externally, and are delighted with them. Whether as an alternative to conventional food or care products, our organic coconut products have convinced us in their high quality.

Although we don't have a Fair Trade Label, we don't accept products whose origin and production are not fully known to us. All products are manufactured according to our requirements and quality. We regularly visit the plantations, the farmers and the manufacturer.

Conclusion: Thailand and Japan have minimum wage and no child labour.

Farmer obtaining coconut blossom nectar

The farmers go to the coconut blossoms twice a day to obtain the nectar. The coconut blossoms are tied together and cut. After 10 seconds the juice drips out and is collected in a container. One bunch of flowers can produce half a litre of nectar per day. This is all done by hand and requires patience and skill.

Our visit to the coconut plantation

We visited the plantation and gained an insight in the production processes of the various coconut products. We also had the opportunity to get to know the farmers and processors on the plantation personally. The ripe coconuts are brought down between 11 to 12 months with a long bamboo stick.

Green tea origin

Nagasaki is a good place to grow Japanese tea. The tea plantation is about 12 kilometers from the sea and 330 meters above sea level.

The harvest season

90 volunteers took part for the tea picking. The spring weather in April was quite cool in the early morning. After three hours of hard work we managed to get 45 kg of tea leaves.

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