Organic Coconuts


Our journey began with our love for coconuts and coconut products. We travelled across many countries, visiting coconut plantations. It was in Thailand, we found what we were looking for – a plantation which aligns with our philosophy. With each trip there, we got to know the farmers better and we learnt about the processes used to produce our coconut products. After two years of intensive research and testing to ensure the highest of organic standards and meeting hygiene regulations (certified Swiss standards), we now have these wonderful products to offer you. Whether consumed as an alternative to conventional food or used as care products, we are confident you will be happy.

A farmer extracing coconut blossom nectar

Coconut nectar is skilfully extracted twice daily from the coconut blossoms by tapping the end of a cut flower stem. One blossom stem can produce 500ml of nectar per day.

Our visit to the coconut plantation

During our visit, we learned how ripe coconuts are brought down with a long bamboo stick when they are 11 to 12 months old.

Green tea terraces

Nagasaki, Japan is a good place to cultivate green tea due to its location, 12 kilometres from the sea and 330 metres above sea level.

Harvest season

Together with about 90 other volunteers, we took part in picking the tea leaves in the fresh April weather. After 3 hours of hard work, we harvested 45 kilograms of tea leaves.

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