About Us

Our philosophy

To know, understand and learn the background of the individual products, we visit our farmers and know in detail how the processes of the individual product's work. The most of our products come from a small organization in Thailand. There the farming communities are taught which products they extract from the coconut palms and how to process them. For example, the farmers learn how to produce coconut blossom sugar and nectar from coconut blossoms. With this knowledge the farmers can sell more than just coconuts, coconut meat and coconut milk at the roadside and at the same time the organisation can prevent the rural exodus in the medium to long term. Many families of the younger generations no longer have to leave their children with their grandparents and look for work in the city, but can use their newly acquired knowledge profitably. This applies not only to the farmers, but also to the employees in production. Although we do not have a Fair Trade Label, we do not accept products whose origin and production are not fully known to us. Quality is just as important to us as the conditions of production.

Our motto WIN - WIN

To be able to produce top quality, we depend on the farmers, the manufacturer and their good employees. Only satisfied people are able to produce good products. It is important for us to know that all employees receive a fair wage and that they are paid extra on holidays or for weekend work. We respect all the people involved in product manufacturing and are grateful to them for supplying us with such great products.

We guarantee the high quality of our products.